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  • Bring a current copy of each student's shot record & physical. We must receive this paperwork before the child starts school.
  • Physicals must be conducted within 12 months before the student enters school.
  • Physicals are a one-time requirement from those students that are 8 years old and younger & new to Kansas. 
  • School physicals can be done at Munson Army Medical Center. Call 913-684-6250 for an appointment.

Note: physicals are a one-time requirement to attend school.
Please call the school for any absences or tardiness. This allows us to record the absence as excused for illness, appointment, parent request, or family trips. Otherwise, absences will remain unexcused.
USD 207 policy states that all students should be kept at home for illnesses until free from fever, diarrhea, or vomiting for 24 hours without the aid of medications. A fever is considered to be 99.6 degrees or above.
Melinda McConnell  RN, CPN, MS
School Nurse
MacArthur Elementary