Kim Goll

The most powerful leadership tool you have is
your own personal example.  ~John Wooden

I have “high” expectations for my students, both academically and socially. I believe that high expectations produce high results! Our classroom mission statement is “Don't make excuses; make improvements!” I try and create a warm, caring, safe environment where mistakes are okay, but excuses are not. I want the children to learn from their mistakes and make improvements.  I want the my students to have a "growth" mindset.  I try and model the life-skills that I teach throughout the school year: integrity, caring, initiative, effort, responsibility, resourcefulness, sense of humor, flexibility, respect, friendship, leadership, etc… The life-skills are the core of my classroom management.  My goal is to develop leadership skills within all of my students by teaching the 7 Habits of Happy Children, and by giving the students real opportunities to lead.  I want you to know that I am very approachable and appreciate good, honest, communication. Teaching is truly a joy to me!